CHIRemezcla Banner?

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We FINALLY found the CHIRemezcla banner… pictured above is the beauty that was to be displayed throughout Noche de Rock. For several hours event organizers misplaced  our pride and joy. Here at Remezcla we take  our material very serious…well…in any case, this banner was  rushed delivered so that when Pastilla, Making Movies, and all the bandas rocked out we had the fat RE there too.

This was just a small set back in a great night of fun in Pilsen. The CHIRemezcla street team kicked ass can’t wait to do it again. Be on the look out for a whole set pictures of CHIRemezcla at Noche de Rock. And if  you got a copy of our very own, very cool CHIRemezcla flyer let us know what you think…