An Unfortunate Double Entendre Has Spanish Speakers Confused Over New “Chocoladilla” Creation

Lead Photo: Art by Alan López for Remezcla
Art by Alan López for Remezcla
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At this point, Taco Bell is well known for its experimental culinary concoctions. Sometimes they pay off, other times they end up with a product named the Kit Kat Chocoladilla, aka a tortilla stuffed with Kit Kat bars the company is testing out in Wisconsin. While we can’t speak to taste and concede that it might actually be incredibly delicious, the name is less than ideal. As it stands, for some Spanish speakers, Chocoladilla reads less like a chocolate quesadilla and more like chocolate pubic lice. In some parts of Latin America, ladilla refers to crabs, but it can also mean pest and a bug.

Chocodilla would have been a more appropriate choice since we already set a precedent in chocobanana and the Choco Taco. As a matter of fact, Taco Bell has already used the Chocodilla name in the past in the UK. But right now, for some Spanish speakers, it just sounds like they’re serving up chocolate crabs.

h/t Marcela E. García