Cholafied is our favorite Tumblr this week

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Tipster Nadia Marquez brought this new blog to our attention, and we’re big fans. Cholafied is the brainchild of California advertising student Michael Jason Enriquez. According to him

Cholafied is Sharpied eyebrows, black lipliner and the fumes from a can of Aqua Net.

It’s for everyone who would draw Chola makeup on the yearbook pictures of the Principal and her crew for not letting them graduate because they were tardy too many times for first period. It’s to show the world that nothing is more beautiful than a pair of rainbow Sharpied eyebrows.

Enriquez takes pictures of  celebrities and cholafies them, and gives them Chola names. Here are a few of our favorite examples:

…y además, nuestro graphics intern Dario me cholaficó a mi.


If you see anything cool, let us know!