This Video of a Guy Chopping Cilantro Is So Unbelievably Satisfying

Lead Photo: Photo by Halfdark
Photo by Halfdark
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If you’re like me, you are veeeeery careful anytime you hold a knife because your knife skills are pathetic. That’s probably why many of us were drawn to a video of a man named Rogelio chopping cilantro. In a video posted to Twitter by Rebecca Castañeda, her dad’s employee, Rogelio, is seen methodically slicing at El Camino Real Mexican Food in Fullerton, California.

Castañeda first posted the video onto Snapchat, and after the positive response, decided to also post it on Twitter. Rebecca, who recently moved to San Diego, started working at Chipotle. She said her dad asked her to record Rogelio’s chopping method so that she could show her manager the art of chopping cilantro.

The video has now been viewed nearly three million times, with people noting that it’s so soothing that it basically feels like ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response).