Christian Nodal Finally Reveals What Happened to Chest Tattoo Featuring Belinda’s Eyes

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres
Art by Stephany Torres
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During an interview with the Mexican morning show Venga la Alegría, Christian Nodal revealed to audiences what exactly happened to the massive tattoo he had on his chest of his ex-fiancée Belinda’s eyes.

His solution for the unwanted ink: cover it up with more tattoos. “I had some eyes here, I covered them with wings,” Nodal said. “I made a complete chest design…of pleasure.”

There had been speculation that Nodal had removed the tattoos completely but redesigning them to look like something completely different is definitely one way some exes handle their more permanent tributes. Plus, Belinda’s eyes covered a large portion of his chest, so it’s impossible to know how thoroughly the ink would’ve been removed or how long the entire process would’ve taken to complete.

It was a different story for one of Nodal’s other Belinda tattoos, which was hidden fairly easily since it was much smaller. In February, Nodal covered up his tattoo that featured the name “Beli” near his right ear. The four letters were modified into the four suits in a deck of playing cards – a heart, a diamond, a club, and a spade.

Now that most of Christian Nodal’s Belinda tattoos are gone, maybe one day he can fill fans in on exactly what happened that led to the end of their relationship. Did Nodal’s mother, Cristy, really have a problem with the nine-year age difference between her son and Belinda? Or did it have anything to do with his extravagant spending? Apparently, Belinda’s engagement ring is estimated to have cost $3 million.