Chuck Norris Gets the Tribal Treatment

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Twitter: @AndreaGompf

When we first wrote about the tribal guarachero trend coming out of Mexico in 2010, we had a feeling it was gonna blow up, though we probably couldn’t have predicted some of the quirky directions it’s taken. Last month there was the Chip Torres video “TĂș me Pixeleas,” which featured abundant 90s video game fonts, a car that reminds me of the Red Bull mobile, and a wardrobe that would even make Ed Hardy shudder. Now, Chicago band Crudos Tribal have put out a video dedicated to the OG of internet memes: Chuck Norris. We don’t know too much about Crudos Tribal just yet – but according to their official Facebook page they’ve managed to drink and/or hand out more than 90,000 beers during their concerts thus far, which seems reason enough to check them out. I can’t decide if they’re just really, really behind on internet jokes, or if they’re so ahead of the nostalgia curve that they skipped over the 90s and went straight to 2005. Check it out:

[insert-video youtube=t5huDoiEmkk]