CicLAvia Wants You To Come Out And Play

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Ciclovia, the decades-old event providing hope to people living in cities who hate traffic and cars, comes to Los Angeles on 10/10/10 with a personalized slogan: CicLAvia. Below, their latest commercial calls on all Angelenos who ride their bicycles and juggle soccer balls in living rooms to “Come Out And Play” this Sunday. The event, heavily sponsored by cycling enthusiast Mayor Antonio Villariagosa, is scheduled to close 7.5 miles of traffic between East Hollywood and Downtown Los Angeles. Attendees are encouraged to bring their families, and anything you can use for transportation. Ever wanted to ollie in the middle of 7th St near MacArthur Park? Here’s your chance! Plus, it’s free!

Ciclovia began in Bogota, Colombia over 30 years ago with an idea to provide frustrated city-dwellers with a way to live with and combat congestion and pollution. In LA, that’s better known as the 405 and “the reason we have such beautiful sunsets.” If you’re free and looking for a new way to enjoy a Sunday, then this is for you.

In addition, we’re hoping CicLAvia will help erase the “Stupidest Bike Lane In America” title the city currently holds.