Cinco [Cholas] de Mayo Guide – CHICAGO

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Here at Remezcla we’ve been pumped on Cinco de mayo (parties, events galore) and come up with the killer idea of cholafying our 5 dear cities in homage to Cinco de Mayo. And you’re thinking…but how? Well, we chose 5 women that represent the mother of all Cholas, strong and amazing females of Mexican pop culture that broke boundaries and left a mark. Yeah, we’ve chosen to repreZent with some hot bitches. So, get out a tecate light, sit back, and take in our 5 Cholas De Mayo for Cinco de Mayo!

Catalina Creel. This dama is actually a gangster with little to no scruples. She’s hard and cold—like CHI-town. Of course, “la loba” is a fictional novella character but that doesn’t take away from her awesomeness. Who else can rock an eye patch like that? Fo’ real. So listen up cholos, below are the hottest parties and events on cinco de mayo!

Chicago Events

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Cinco de Mayo, Cinco de Mayo, Cinco de Mayo, Cinco de Mayo! So excited! Chicago we know you are going to party hard and go all night in die hard Chicago fashion at these parties and events! We were just joking about the cold and hard thing…