Cinco x Cinco de Mayo

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Viva Mexico! Y que Viva el Cinco de Mayo! The day when we all sing “Mexico lindo y queridoooo!!!” because we all get hammered on ridiculous drink deals.

Believe it or not Remezcleros, this popular Gringo holiday is a celebration of the Mexican army’s unexpected defeat of the French army at the Battle of Puebla in 1862.  Not only were our hermanos mexicanos outnumbered 2 to 1, but this day marked the last time a foreign army invaded the Americas.

What better way to celebrate the memory of those brave Mexican soldiers than with great deals on tequila and margaritas? While you can certainly check out Pistolera at Brooklyn Museum, catch cumbia midget queen Amandititita at SOB’s,  getting drunk is still high up on our list. Especially since in Mexico no one seems to care much about this holiday.

Behold our Cinco ways you can get drunk on Cinco de Mayo.

1- Cinco de Mayo Pub Crawl
On Cinco (and on Saturday, May 2nd) you can get $1 Bud Light Drafts, 2 for 1 Coronas and $3 Tequila shots at over 50 Bars in NYC….all for $15. Dollars, not pesos.

Time: 12pm
Price: $15
Chesse factor: 3 chiles. This has to remind you of college bar tour, right?
Honorary Mexican army rank: Private, unless you hit all 50 bars in which case you’ll be a Private First class.
Go for: The tequila shots. Those $3 shots are unbeatable — trust us, we’ve searched.

Particiapting bars include Village Pourhouse NYC (64 Third Ave. East Village), Stir NYC ( 1363 First Ave.
Upper East Side) and Side Bar NYC ( 120 E 15th Street St. East Village)

2- Maya
This place doesn’t serve your typical margaritas, but it does have all your mariachi needs and traditional Mexican decor covered.  Enjoy their special Hibiscus, Citrus and Green-apple puree margarita mixes that when placed together form a delicious looking- Mexican flag.

Time: All day
Price: $25-$30
Cheese factor: 5 chiles. Order all 3 and you form the Mexican flag? Enough said.
Honorary Mexican army rank: Sergeant. Your love for la patria and the Mexican flag has been recognized.
Go for: The colored margaritas.  It’s too funny to not see for yourself.

Maya (1191 First Ave between 64th & 65th, Midtown East)

3- Alma
This is for all the loving couples who want to spend el Cinco de Mayo with each other instead of the masses.  Enjoy (you guessed it!) margaritas on a rooftop terrace with a breath taking view of Brooklyn Heights and the NYC skyline.

Time: All day
Price: $15-$25
Cheese factor: If you’re single, 5 chiles. If not then it’s a 0. Awwww.
Honorary Mexican army rank: Sergeant Major. We won’t tell your partner you scored brownie points off our idea.
Go for: The scenery, a view of NYC and liquor is romantico at its finest.

Alma (187 Columbia St, Park Slope)

4- El Maguey y la Tuna
This place is for the meros meros mexicanos, even today.  $3 drink specials start at 12pm but the real party kicks off after 6pm.  Who wouldn’t want flaming tequila shots and rounds of “popo,” which is beer spiked with tequila? For all those brave enough to go to El Maguey, Remezcla commends you on your heroic acts!!!

Time:12pm, 6pm
Price: $10-$20
Cheese factor: What’s cheese about a flaming tequila shot? We thought so too.
Honorary Mexican army rank: General, el jefe de jefes.
Go for: The flaming tequila shot, the fire isn’t a warning…it’s more of a decoration… sort of.

El Maguey y la Tuna (321 E Houston St, Lower East Side)

5- Mercadito
We know that after all those drinks all you want to do is eat.  Hey we’re pros at this, trust us, we wouldn’t leave you without a great Cinco de Mayo food deal.  Head to Mercadito (Ave B location) for…dare we say it? Yes, ALL YOU CAN EAT TACOS!!!  Show up between 11pm and 1am and $25 lets you end the night right.  Sorry guys, drinks aren’t included with this one, that’s what all the above places are for!

Time: 11pm-1am
Price: $25
Cheese factor: This is no laughing matter, this is a certified must: think Vincent Fernandez-and-Juan Gabriel-together-in-concert must.
Honorary Mexican army rank: General of the army!
Go for: The thought of knowing you never have to say no to a taco again.

Mercadito (179 Avenue B, Alphabet City)