Cinco x Cinco de Mayo

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It’s that time of year again when you see drunks stumbling into Muni at 3 am wearing  cheesy sombreros and ponchos.  Some mexicanos might shake their heads at the way “Cinco de Mayo” is celebrated with such hoopla in the States, while others rejoice over free tacos and $1 tequila shots.

Whatever your take is on Cinco de Mayo there are plenty of ways to party….whether you’re a borrachito looking for cheap margaritas, or a pachanguero itching to hit the cumbia dance floor.

1- San Francisco Cinco the Mayo Festival at Dolores Park
If you’re not down for that Wednesday morning hang over you can chill on Saturday at Dolores Park for a whole day of food, music, and art. Cinco de Mayo at Dolores Park is an annual event, good for the wallet and safe for the kids.

Time: 10am-6pm
Price: Gratis
Cheese factor: Arts/crafts and a magician… need we say more?
Actual relevance to Mexican culture: Mas mexicana que mi abuelita.
Go for: Zhono, the five piece Spanish rock band from L.A.

2- Club Unicornio’s Cinco de Mayo

If you want to skip the Ballet Folklorico performances head over to Casanova Lounge for Club Unicornio’s Cinco de Mayo party with fresh Spanish garage and mambo rock (What’s that? Lets just say your favorite cumbias started breeding with the best Latin Indie) by DJ Julio Cesar MoralesDJ Juan Luna-Avin and more.

Time: 9pm-2am
Price: Gratis
Cheese Factor: None
Actual relevance to Mexican culture: As Mexican as nachos from 7Eleven.
Go for: Cool, alternative DJ lineup.

3- La Colectiva, Manicato and DJ EKG
If cumbia dancing is your thing and you want to enjoy one of the best local live bands The Bay has to offer, check out La Colectiva and Manicato at the Elbo Room with DJ EKG.

Cheese factor: None
Actual relevance to Mexican culture: Mas Mexicano que un vaso de champurrado on a cold San Pancho night.
Go for: Manicato’s live performance.
4- Club Slide’s Cinco de Mayo Max Vangeli
If you’re on a hunt for an excuse to dress up and buy cheap drinks without dealing with the whole cliché Cinco de Mayo theme, go to Club Slide’s Cinco de Mayo with Max Vangeli playing contemporary house music.

Time: 9pm-2am
Cheese factor: House music on Cinco de Mayo? Come on!
Actual relevance to Mexican culture: None. We ain’t going to lie.
Go for: $5 margaritas

5- Club Papi’s Pre Cinco de Mayo Festival

What’s better than half naked hot and sweaty Latino’s on Cinco de Mayo?  Maybe a live performance by La Sonora Dinamita’s very own Vilma Diaz! That’s right, you can dance all night to the original hits like “Escandalo,”and “Mi Cucu.”

Time: 10pm-4am
Cheese factor: Hot and Horny Papi dancers…the title says it all.
Actual Relevance to Mexican Culture: Mas Mexicano que Vicente Fernandez en los 70’s.
Go for: free tacos!