Thanks to Coldplay, We Have This Precious Father-Son Moment From a Mexico City Concert

Lead Photo: Luis Vazquez

On March 16, before Luis Vazquez’s young son, Huillo, stepped into Mexico City’s Foro Sol to see Coldplay, he excitedly talked about his favorite band’s music. But once he stepped inside and Coldplay performed “Fix You,” Huillo was absolutely overcome with emotion. Luis turned to his autistic son, trying to simultaneously console and sing to him. It’s so precious and touching that it’s literally made me teary-eyed each of the five times I’ve seen it.

Unfortunately, there’s no video capturing Huillo’s reaction after he learned that Coldplay wrote to him via Twitter, but his dad has kept us updated through his social media accounts. And this story just keeps getting better. Check out the video above, and see what Luis had to say below:

[H/T Daily Mail]