After confirming its first cases of coronavirus last month, Colombia placed much of its population under curfew to avoid the spread of the virus. Since then, most residents have been at home practicing social distancing measures, like many parts of the world right now.

Staying home is often its own challenge and it can leave people battling feelings of boredom and anxiety, particularly during a period of uncertainty and fear. But Colombian police officers have decided they’re going to help keep people entertained and healthy over the next few weeks: As recent reports and videos show, police have started leading exercise, stretch and dance sessions for residents in some cities. In a few clips, we can see Colombians standing on their porch or balconies, following along to add some movement to their day and boost morale.

These moments offer some respite in long and potentially lonely days—especially for elderly residents or people who live alone. But it’s also a way to make sure people are taking shelter-at-home and lockdown measures seriously. The government has shared that it will sanction people caught breaking curfews or refusing to stay at home. The country currently has about 1,485 cases of coronavirus and about 35 people have died from the virus.

Dancing on balconies marks another way in which people in Latin American countries are lifting each other up during the pandemic. Other efforts have included donating burgers to those in need and singing “Tusa” in unison.