Colombia Court Gives Same-Sex Couples the Right to Adopt

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In a six-two ruling, a Colombia constitutional court ruled on Wednesday that adoption agencies would have to let same-sex couples adopt. Judge Jorge Iván Palacio maintains that “the adoption of children by opposite-sex couples, in general, and for same-sex couples, in particular, does not on its own affect the best interest of the child. It also doesn’t negatively compromise their physical or mental health or their development.”

Those in favor of the ruling said that it could make it easier for 10,000 children in Colombia to be adopted.

The Catholic Church of Colombia, on the other hand, criticized the court for their decision, stating that the court is not reflective of the opinions of the majority in the South American country, who they say are opposed to gay couples adopting. “Our protest is emphatic,” said Monsignor Juan Vicente Cordoba to RCN TV, according to The Guardian. “We have the right so that the voice of the majority of Colombians is heard. The court is there to take care of the laws, not change them.” This just sounds like a lot of children being kept from going to happy homes.

Mexico ruled in August of this year that it was discriminatory to keep gay couples from adopting. Uruguay and Argentina also allow same-sex couples to adopt.