Colombian Woman’s Head Gets Stuck While Attempting to Spy on La Vecina

Lead Photo: Photo via Radio La Roca FM 103.9 / Facebook
Photo via Radio La Roca FM 103.9 / Facebook
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Look, we’re all a little chismoso/a/x. I know I’m not alone in admitting that I occasionally glance at the screen of the person sitting beside me on the subway or strain to listen in on strangers’ conversations. But if you live that chismoso/a/x life, you need to exercise caution. One Colombian woman did the exact opposite and got way too close to the action. As a result, she got herself into an embarrassing situation and ended up going viral.

In La Virginia, Risaralda, Colombia, an unnamed woman needed to know what was happening inside her vecina’s home. To get a better view, she slid her head between the bars that secured the front door. She might have gotten away with it, too, but instead her head got stuck and she drew unnecessary attention onto herself.

Not too much information about the incident exists, but in images shared by Radio La Roca FM 103.9, several men help her out of the spot. (And yes, they’re definitely laughing at her in the photos.) She remained in the likely uncomfortable position for five hours.

The image has spread throughout the internet, but luckily for the woman, her face isn’t visible.

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Posted by Radio La Roca FM 103.9 on Saturday, May 18, 2019