Come and Knock on My Door…

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Lately I’ve been daydreaming about things/events/people that have made me the woman I am today: somewhat awkward, a little shy, quirky, and never quite able to fit into any one subculture comfortably.

I’ve pinpointed a few: my cousin Nikki who was eight years older than me and had the absolute coolest style in the 80s (she went from punk to what we used to call "disco duck," which was basically a light-weight chola, like it was nothing); Nirvana (a piece of me died when Kurt Cobain made his tragic exit from this world); Lucky Charms cereal (I blame the best breakfast food on earth for my out-of-control sweet tooth); and finally, Three’s Company.

My mom used to tease me when I was little and woke up in a bad mood (as usual) by saying, "Oh just put on Three’s Company. You’ll feel better." I was obsessed with Jack Tripper and to this day believe it is the funniest show on earth. The Reagle Beagle is where I want my ashes spread when I die.

And looking at the various images that sprung up when I googled this popular 70s show made me realize where I got my fashion sense and love for all things orange and brown–Janet and Chrissy!

God, I’m glad I can say I was born in the 70s! 1979 to be exact.

What are your inspirations?