This Mexican Brand Is Promoting Vibrating Panties That Are Synced to World Cup Games

Lead Photo: Photo by Rubberball / Mike Kemp
Photo by Rubberball / Mike Kemp
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While we’re all for women feeling sexually empowered, we’re not sure we can follow Vicky Form where it’s going. In a tweet shared earlier this week, the company promoted a pair of vibrating underwear – called Siente el Juego – that women are supposed to wear during the World Cup, aka a time when the men in their lives might not pay them any attention. The idea is that women will feel pleasure when something exciting happens on TV.

“The garments are linked to a bot that interprets the plays of the game and then converts the data into vibrations in real time,” the video’s narrator said.

While we’re not 100 percent sure this isn’t an elaborate troll, we do know that the whole premise is insulting (and not to mention heteronormative). They’re sexist and insinuate that women have no interest in sports. People let the company know they had issues with their marketing, calling it dated and clearly an example of a product created by a man.

Check out a few comments below:

Vicky Form created a website for the panty, which are supposed to go for 999 pesos – or about $48.

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