Conan O’Brien Wants Your Mexico-Themed Fan Art for His Mexico City Episode

Lead Photo: Photo: Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times
Photo: Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times
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When Conan O’Brien said he wanted to host an episode of his travelogue show, “Conan Without Borders,” in Mexico as a goodwill gesture to our southern neighbors, he was serious. At a time when President Donald Trump seeks to drive a wedge between the United States and Mexico, O’Brien is making a statement about why unity is necessary. On March 1, TBS will air “Conan Without Borders: Made in Mexico.” The lanky late-night host’s show will feature an entirely Mexican crew and audience, as well as guests Diego Luna and Vicente “#FuckingWall” Fox. And with his latest call for submissions, he’s also looking to spotlight artists, especially those with connections to Mexico.

“And since Conan fans are the most talented artists in the world, we’re also seeking your help,” his website reads. “We’re looking for fresh Mexico and/or Conan fan art for possible use within the ‘Conan Without Borders: Made in Mexico’ broadcast. Submit your beautiful creations by February 21, 2017 for a chance to see your artwork during #ConanMexico.”

This week, Conan heads to Mexico to start work on the episode, and he’s already received a warm welcome courtesy of Jesús Guzmán. On his program, En La Luna Con Jesús Guzmán, he rounded up famous and nonfamous faces to express their excitement and to tell him that Mexico will receive him with “tacos, chelas, and lucha libre.”

The short video proved that Conan’s famed String Dance is harder than it looks. But Mexicans are more skilled at hashtags (#MEXICONAN > #ConanMexico).

This episode of “Conan Without Borders” centers around Mexico and Mexicans, but O’Brien is giving his fans in the United States a chance to see the show on February 27 – two days before it airs on TBS. Unfortunately, the screening’s completely booked. But everyone who received tickets had to ace a short quiz on Mexican history, which you can still take here.

As we all wait for the big day, you can submit your artwork here until February 21 or give him suggestions on what he should eat or what topics he should discuss with Diego Luna and Vicente Fox.