The Conservative Latino Celebrity: We Investigate

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Ronald Reagan famously said, “Latinos are Republicans — they just don’t know it yet.”

But historically, an overwhelming percentage of Latinos continue to vote and identify as liberal, with only small, contained populations swaying to the right. According to Fox News Latino, 64% of Mexican Americans and 67% of Puerto Ricans were polled to vote for the Obama/Biden ticket this November, and only 39 % of the Cuban Americans polled said they would vote for the Democratic side.

Even though Cuban Americans tend to be the largest group of Latino Americans that vote conservative, there has been a shift in the younger generations of Latinos, who are now looking into the issues that directly affect their demographic today.

Huge Latino stars like Marc Anthony and Eva Longoria- who is one of the 35 national co-chairs appointed by the Obama reelection campaign- have been strong voices for the Democratic vote. But still, there are some conservative Latinos who may or may not shock you. Based on their past endorsements and current registered voting status, they do, in fact, exist. The more you know…

Erik Estrada– The Puerto Rican CHIPS actor endorsed Senator John McCain during the 2008 elections,and garnered some attention earlier this year with his Tweets to Suzanne Somers, praising her remarks on Clint Eastwood’s strange appearance at the Republican National Convention. Hey! Twitter is serious bizness y’all!

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