Copa América: Best Places to Watch in Miami

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Though the quarter finals are fast approaching, there’s still time to catch the crucial games of 2011’s Copa América Argentina. But which bar has the best energy, the biggest screens, the cheapest drinks? As part of an ongoing series of articles, Remezcla is selecting the hands-down greatest venues to watch the games from. We’ve done all the work for you, so just sit back, crack open a beer and start screaming like a madman for your team.

El Sitio

In addition to hosting a handful of cool music events every week, El Sitio’s extended happy hour is making it hard not to fall into the fútbol trance. During every match, this Colombian joint will be selling 2×1 drinks and all appetizers at half-price. That’s choricitos de puerco con yucca y platanitos for $4! A plateful of these and a handful of beers is all you need. There’s no doubt about it; El Sitio is making an offer that’s hard to beat.

Barú Urbano

This Brickell hot spot promises an urban experience like none other, combining funky graffiti art, music and food that will tingle the senses. Promise aside, they’re offering 50% off all drinks from 12pm-8pm every day, and that’s good enough for us. Though they’re not extending happy hour for game times (like El Sitio), this is a great excuse to leave work early and pre-game in every sense of the word.


Fútbol at an expresso bar? Think again, because trendy Segafredo is streaming every game live on their 12 massive TV’s. Watching the games while sipping on negronis or bellinis might not be the most traditional way to see the tournament, but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t like our fútbol with a side of kir royal.


Just like their New York counterpart, this sophisticated bistro will up the Argentinian pride by showing every match in 2011’s Copa América Argentina. Especially after their recent 3-0 victory against Costa Rica, you can bet this place will be happening, and the mere thought of soccer with a side of classic milanesa a caballo is making us count down the hours to Argentina’s next game.

Baires Grill

If there’s a country that takes pride in their fútbol, it starts with Ar and ends with –gentina. And this, year, they’re the ones hosting the Copa América. It’s no surprise then, that steak house Baires, is more than proud –ecstatic even– to broadcast the games as Argentina keeps advancing towards the final.