Cosplayer Jessica Nigri Shuts Down Sexists at Chile’s Festigame

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Jessica Nigri showed Chile’s Festigame that she won’t take any of their sexism. Nigri, an American cosplayer whose Twitter account boasts almost half a million followers, became bothered this weekend when the audience repeatedly shouted that she was wearing too many clothes. In response, she changed out of her blood elf costume and came back wearing jeans and a hoodie, which makes her pretty ? in our book. The audience’s sexism persisted, as the jeers continued to be hurtled her way.

On her Facebook, she explained that she was upset about the catcalls and negative comments that came from her clothing choices. She was also pissed off that the audience was apathetic about anyone who wasn’t showing a ton of skin, but who had obviously spent a lot of time crafting their outfits. “I want to emphasize, cosplay is not all about tits and ass,” she said. “It’s about fun, creative magic with your friends. It’s about spending weeks on something to wear for one day. It’s about feeling good about yourself in a costume to share with the world. These boys did an amazing job and I just wanted to say how much I appreciated their costumes.” She’s not wrong.

Check out her entire explanation below:

This might get me a lot of shit but I have to talk about it…Today at Festigame in Chile, we had a cosplay contest….

Posted by Jessica Nigri on Saturday, August 15, 2015