Costa Rica Has Been Running on Renewable Fuel for 75 Straight Days

Lead Photo: Credit: Shutterstock
Credit: Shutterstock
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It rained a bunch in Costa Rica this year, and instead of losing their minds about it – like, say, Los Angeles does every time it rains – los Ticos used the rainfall to power their entire country. For 75 straight days. Through their hydropower plants and a little help from geothermal, solar and wind energy, they’ve managed to avoid burning a single fossil fuel for a two and a half month streak.

In conclusion, Costa Rica is living that green life future.

Granted, they’re a pretty small country, with a population smaller than that of NYC. And they also don’t have a very big, energy-sucking manufacturing industry. But still, it’s an impressive accomplishment – even more so as they look toward their future, approving a $958 million geothermal project that will allow them to generate electricity even in times of drought.

Why do they have so much money lying around to spend on clean energy? Maybe it’s because with no military, their defense budget is zero dollars.