Crowd Fund: Help Dominican Students Beautify Their School and Find Their Voice

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Dominican public school students need your help to beautify their school and in the process empower themselves, their voices and their need for expression! After the success of Xaivier Ringer’s first project, Pinto Mi Barrio, Mejoro Mi Vida (Paint my hood, better my life), in which she designed and managed the mural making process to transform a community space and engage youth in Santo Domingo, The Canalda Filomena Gonzalez Public School reached out to Xaivier to lend a hand in transforming their school.

[insert-video youtube=z8c7VmMT7q8]

With successful funding, the bright young things, aged 4-13 (awe!)  at Canalda Filomena Gonzalez Public School will participate in a three month long workshop series, giving them an opportunity to engage in communal art, spark creativity, give them ownership of their environment and in the process make their school a more inspirational place.

Check out the IndieGoGo Campaign HERE and check out the goodies in store for those who donate.