Crowd Fund: Help Short Film '322 Jefferson' Share The Stories of Cultures Colliding in Bushwick

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Sure-you’ve probably seen the story of a recently graduated, wide-eyed girl moving to Brooklyn dozens of times in film and television, but you’ve probably never seen it quite as honest as this before. Since shows like GIRLS and 2 Broke Girls have caught the attention of the mainstream, very few of these depictions of Brooklyn life actually show the REAL people that live here. And this is where the short film 322 Jefferson comes in. Elisa Peebles and Rachel Epley are two Bushwick residents and filmmakers set on making a short film that shows how life is when different races, cultures and sexuality collide on one block.

322 Jefferson will follow the life of a “well-intended” white girl, Sadie, who moves to a vibrant Bushwick block that apparently has everything she needs- you know, like cool cafes, organic markets, and yoga studios. But then she begins to romance a cute native Brooklyn Nuyorican, Nazara, who turns her perspective on the neighborhood upside-down. Together they deal with the issues that come up through their relationship. As the director Peebles says, “they have different ideas about each other, what it means to be queer, and the neighborhood.”

In collaboration with their production partners at Tenement Street Workshop, the team is asking for your help to bring this honest depiction of a Bushwick neighborhood to life. The themes about love and life in 322 Jefferson are universal and they have dreams of sharing it with people of all backgrounds to give a voice to those that the media oft silences.

You can donate to their campaign HERE!

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