Crowdfunding Campaign Started for Nohemi Gonzalez, one of the Paris Attack Victims

Lead Photo: Chris Carlson / AP
Chris Carlson / AP
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Nohemi Gonzalez, one of the victims of Friday’s terror attacks in Paris, was a driven 23-year-old who was studying abroad for the semester at the Strate School of Design. As more information has been revealed about her, a portrait of a hard-working, smart, and kind person has emerged.

Yesterday, one of her classmates started a crowdfunding campaign to help her family pay for funeral costs. “As a friend and a classmate, I feel a hole in my heart from this tragedy, but I cannot even imagine the pain that her family must be experiencing from these devastating events,” Peter Sardo wrote on DonationTo. “Please contribute to this fund for Nohemi’s family to help ease the burden of the funeral costs and/or make it possible to do something special in her name.”

The campaign looks to raise $25,000. In one day, nearly 200 people have donated more than $8,000. You can donate here.

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