Daddy Yankee Running on Empty at the RNC

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On Monday night, St. Paul, Minnesota was hit by a Latino hurricane. But ike Gustav, it didn’t hit hard. In fact, it hit really far and missed the point. The Hispanic Leadership Fund, the Hispanic Alliance for Prosperity Institute and The Latino Coalition hosted a Republican National Convention kick-off event turned Red Cross Relief Fund fundraiser titled "Fiesta Americana Concert." Latin music’s highest-selling artist, Daddy Yankee and pop artist Maxine Lausell (who we’ve never heard of before) were the performers of the night. The show took place at Myth Nightclub, but as one insider told us, not even half of the 3000 expected attendees showed up.

Throughout the night, "Yankee" mentioned the ladies in the house at least 10 times, mentioned hurricane victims once and didn’t mention McCain at all. There was no signage for McCain-Palin or the RNC, and most of the audience was comprised of local Latino fans who who were there for a a free Daddy Yankee concert, oblivous to the fact that this was a political event and with no intention to vote.

Also, we hear, el "Daddy" didn’t even talk to the press AT ALL during his visit to St. Paul. Just last week, Daddy Yankee had appeared at a rally in Arizona with Senator McCain expressing his support.

What’s the point of endorsing a candidate and attending the RNC if you’re not going to convey the message to the press?

A half-empty  Myth nightclub in St Paul  for Fiesta Americana feat Daddy Yankee.

UPDATE: According to El Nuevo Dia newspaper, Daddy Yankee endorses McCain but not the Republican party. He says Monday’s event in St Paul was not a political event. He’s expected to give a press conference in Puerto Rico to explain himself.