Daily News’ Latino Staff

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I rarely visit LA Observed after beefing with editor Kevin Roderick about a mariachi piece I wrote for LA City Beat which made reference to La Fonda on Wilshire as being the first restaurant to incorporate mariachi with the dining experience (true fact) months after I left a PR position with the Mexican restaurant. He tried to say it was a conflict of interest, but clearly didn’t know what he was talking about as I was long gone.

I stumbled across an article on his site titled "New editors at Daily News" and was pleasantly surprised to see two Latino names—Mariel Garza and Oscar Garza (no relation)-the latter whom I worked with at Tu Ciudad magazine where he was Editor-in-Chief before it folded.

Somehow LA Observed editor Kevin Roderick got a hold of Daily News’s semi-new editor Carolina Garcia’s meeting statements and had this to say about her congratulating new staff:

"An editor who signs her notes gracias and who hires and promotes Latinos must drive the old Daily News-niks (and the Ron Kayesians) a little nuts. That alone makes Garcia worth watching. Mariel Garza will, I expect, nudge the Daily News editorial page away from the angry suburbanite tone and mostly conservative positions of ex-editor Chris Weinkopf, but you never know."

Am I being too sensitive to sense a hint of hater? I realize he’s trying to say the old conservatives who used to dominate the Daily News must be shaking in their boots, but I sense a little resentment in his tone as well. What do you think? Read the full article here