DANGER: Exploding Breasts in South America

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French company Poly Implant Prothese has just gone bankrupt. Unsurprising: turns out a number of the breast implants they’ve sold to South American plastic surgeons are full of industrial silicone – i.e. not the kind that’s supposed to go in your boobs – and are prone to rupture. First churros, now breast implants. Everything is exploding in South America!

No worries, though, because Venezuelan health minister Eugenia Sader has pledged that Venezuelan doctors will remove the offending, poisonous implants from women who’ve received them, and they’ll do it free of charge. She says that this offer stands for any concerned woman that is interested in having the implants removed, but that women should not be overly concerned and this is not an emergency recall. It is recommended that women not interested in having the implants removed have a scan every six months.

A ruptured implant will leak silicone, which can cause irritation and inflammation. Consequences are not deadly, and do not increase the risk of cancer.

Source: Medical News Today