The Colombian Boy Who Went Viral for Running Away on Live TV Did a Hilarious Follow-Up Interview

Lead Photo: Screensht from Despierta Bogotá
Screensht from Despierta Bogotá
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When 8-year-old Daniel Santiago Diosa Pulido hauled ass during a live TV interview because he realized he’d be late to school, the young Colombian boy went viral for his hilarious reaction. With many relating to the moment after the Despierta Bogotá segment aired, journalist Diego Heredia – the same man Daniel abandoned mid-interview – knew he had to return to the school and do a proper Q&A. On Wednesday, Heredia spoke to Danel and his mom, and the resulting video is just as amazing as the first one.

In the new clip, we can see why Heredia decided to speak to Daniel in the first place. As he reported the news, Daniel stood behind him dancing. Just as he started running away, Heredia called him back and tried to chat with him before Daniel realized that since it was 6:25 a.m., he didn’t really have time for an interview. In the new interview Heredia learns Daniel’s classes started at 6:30 a.m.

“I think you could have dedicated some two minutes,” Heredia tells Daniel. “Life is unfair,” Daniel replies, making his mom and Heredia break out in laughter.

Since so many people touted Daniel as a responsible boy, Heredia wanted to hear from his mom, Viviana Pulido, who discovered her son ended up on the news from her friends and loved ones. “Santiago doesn’t take that route to [school],” Pulido says. “He takes another route, and he was scolded because of that. [But] first, I congratulated him, congratulated him because despite having cameras in front of him, he chose to run off to school.”

Check out the follow-up interview below: