Danny Trejo Plays an Axe-Wielding Marcia Brady in Snickers Super Bowl Commercial

Danny Trejo has built his career on playing terrifying, hard ass characters, but he’s also always the first one to poke fun at himself and his bad guy rep.  (You may recall his hilarious cameo last fall on The Daily Show‘s bit skewering gringos scared of “illegals”).

Which is why Trejo was the perfect person for Snickers to tap for their Super Bowl ad this year. The commercial, released this morning, follows Snickers’ long-running “you’re not you when you’re hungry” campaign, in which grumpy people played by celebrities finally become themselves again after they take a bite of a Snickers. Here, we see Trejo as an aggro, axe-wielding Marcia Brady – Marchiete, if you will.

And, because a Trejo Brady Bunch isn’t gift enough, Danny Trejo also shared that he had a fat crush on Florence Henderson back in the day: “Yes, I’ll admit I was in love with the mom [Carol Brady],” he told Business Insider. “I had a crush.”

Aw, que tierno.