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A couple of months ago Argentine rapper Dante “El Dante” Spinetta released his third solo album, Pyramide, which included one stand-out monster club banger accurately titled “Mostro.” With the album’s release, the former half of ’90s crossover rap duo Illya Kuryaki & The Valderramas and son of rock en español legend Luis Alberto Spinetta, put the a cappella version of “Mostro” up for grabs and many renowned Latin American producers answered with a string of remixes. Among these were Argentine electro messiah Capri, Mexican new-school rap producer Milkman, and a personal favorite, Chilean funk star Funky-C, also known as C-Funk from Los Tetas.

Now it’s time for gritty neo-cumbia underground to take a stab. Mostro Remixes is a short–maybe too short–collection of cumbia versions of El Dante’s track done by web-based, free-distributers Cabeza! Netlabel. Record label Cabeza! has been putting out a solid series of EPs since 2008, featuring mash-ups, original tracks, bootlegs, and remixes, representing the grimy counterpart to the artsy and hipster-friendly Zizek collective.

Nothing wrong with all the previous remixes, but the cumbia factor was missing. Dante is one of the main advocates for the current cumbia/hip-hop fusion (there are two cumbia tracks on Pyramide, one with BabasónicosAdrián Dárgelos as guest vocalist).

Stream the C-Funk remix and download the Cabeza! four-track compilation for FREE below, and definitely check out the Super Guachín mix!

Dante – Mostro “C-FUNK” REMIX

Cabeza! 016 – Mostro Remixes – El Dante meets Cabeza!-2010