This Mexican Abuelita Is Getting Millions of Views For Her Cooking Videos

Lead Photo: Photo by Esdelval / iStock / Getty Images Plus
Photo by Esdelval / iStock / Getty Images Plus
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This Mexican abuela in Michoacán is officially the only influencer and YouTube personality I care about. She made her debut on the platform merely a month ago; yet, Doña Angela already has more than 8 million views. It’s safe to say there’s a no promotion around her makeshift, love-filled videos and that people are naturally attracted to the videos because they fill a hole in the platform and in our hearts.

In De Mi Rancho a Tu Cocina, Angela shares homemade recipes with viewers. She invites us into her humble abode, where she makes everything from mole de rancho to bistec con nopales. The best part? Most of her ingredients come from her own ranch. 

In the background of each video, we can hear roosters crowing and practically smell the cebollas and sazón. Her first video, from August 20, shows her making huitlacoche with tortillas. She makes it look easy – cleaning, seasoning, cooking and making time for a little taste test, all in under three minutes.

Her latest video is from September 23 and has already racked in almost 700,000 views. The one prior to that has almost a million. Well, 1,000,200 now because I plan on watching this 200 more times today to ensure Angela collects plenty of checks from video ads.

In her latest video, the camera takes us through the house to her fireplace cooker where she’ll make quesadillas de comal. Before starting, she takes a moment to say, “Many of you are saying that my chimney is dirty, but it’s natural because I cook here every day. But, it’s not dirty. I still clean it.” (Side note: Shame on whoever is insulting this sweet woman! You are not worthy.) 

On the other hand, many have already adopted this grandma as their own. Amongst the thread of praise and tear-stained notes of love from people who are reminded of their own abuelas are people begging her to translate the videos or include English subtitles. Though her passion for food has already acquired a loyal Spanish-speaking fanbase, the commenters have a point here.

A few takeaways from all this: onions are important and key to almost every meal, we are all “gente bonita” (as she calls her viewers), and there’s nothing like home cooking. If anyone knows how to turn a concrete backyard into a flourishing mini-rancho with calabaza and cilantro, call me. 

Also, which grandchild conceptualized this YouTube channel? We all want to say thank you.