Dead or Alive: Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk Still In Limbo?

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No one is exactly sure what to think about October 14th’s scheduled Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk event. The official web site says the event is on hiatus until January 2011, with reports ciculating that director Jay Lopez went rogue and declared the celebrated monthly event postponed without the board’s approval. However, LAist is still reporting the event as confirmed. Yelp thinks it’s dead. Facebook users are trying to “like” the event to salvation. Confused? Us too.

Downtown LA Art Walk ran into a few snags over the last year with its numbers increasing every month, leading to higher costs and difficult management. We’ve been attending since 2006 and find it a wonderful chance to explore Downtown’s nightlife in a refreshing new LA way. However, there were annoyances. The galleries are usually overrun between 6pm to 9pm, leaving people with no option but to join the giant conga line of revelers without interacting with the actual art. Also, sidewalks in Downtown Los Angeles are simply too small for 20,000 attendees crammed into a few square blocks.

We’re confident the Art Walk with come back new-and-improved in January 2011, but for now, we want to know if we should make plans on the 14th! Tell us your thoughts. Do you want the October 14th event to stand? Would you rather wait until January 2011?