Strangers Bought Desserts to Raise Money for This Mexican Dog’s Chemo Treatment

Lead Photo: Photo by Purple Collar Pet Photography / Moment
Photo by Purple Collar Pet Photography / Moment
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Deko has stolen the hearts of Mexicans. The Campeche-based dog has gone viral after he “sold” dessert to help pay for his chemotherapy. Recently, a vet diagnosed him with a transmissible venereal tumor.

Cristina Acosta adopted the pooch about three months ago after she protected him from a group of dogs. He followed her home and waited outside of her home for several days until she decided to take him in. Soon after, he wouldn’t eat or walk around, so she took him to the vet, where she learned he needed treatment. Cristina asked her sister if they could sell desserts to help pay for the treatment.

“With the little money that my sister counted on in that moment, she ventured to pay for the first round of chemo, since the veterinarian told us that the cancer was treatable and that it had a cure,” her sister Vanessa Euán wrote on Facebook.

¡Hola, buenas noches! No acostumbro a usar fb para esto de hecho, no acostumbro a publicar mucho, pero en esta ocasión…

Posted by Vanessa Euán on Thursday, April 4, 2019

Along with the post, she shared a picture of the dog wearing a sign that read, “I’m selling desserts to pay for my chemotherapy [sessions].” In the Facebook post, she also let people know they were selling flan napolitano, brownies, and chocoflan.

The sisters received a wave of support, and some people even went to the vet’s office to make donations. The next day, they received a call from the doctor, who said that they now had enough money to pay for the remaining sessions.

A day after her initial message, Euán shared an image of the dog with a sign thanking all who donated to the cause.