Devendra at Automatico

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We were all a little bummed to hear that Gil from Kinky had to cancel his DJ appearance at the always awesome Automatico party on Saturday night because he had a last-minute gig with his band.

But we got an unexpected dosis of hotness when we spotted Devendra Banhart walking around Señor Fish restaurant in Little Tokyo like he owned the place. Greasy hair up in a bun, trademark beard in full bloom, skinny and pale all around.

At first we weren’t sure it was him, but when girls and boys alike starting coming up to him in awe, the Jesus resemblance was too much. Poor dude was stopped on his way to the bathroom and all, but he was all smiles. When Alicia, above, apologized for bothering him, telling him she loved him and wanted to bear his children, even asking his friend Jorge to take a photo with his phone, Devendra calmly said “Oh don’t worry about it, I take in all your energy, it doesn’t bother me at all.” Just like a true heartthrob.

How did he find about this monthly Spanish-music dance party? Ane, Automatico’s creator, says he came in with a dude name Diego. “Who is Diego?” We innocently asked. “Not sure, he just parties from what we know.”

More on Automatico parties, go to their MySpace.

Franc and Devendra having a moment, documented by Jorge on his phone.

Outside the men’s bathroom.