Learning a second language – especially if you start after you hit double digits – is difficult. But people do it often, and they all have different methods. For Diana Aquino – a Dominican woman – the process included watching The Ellen Show daily. Aquino moved to the United States seven years ago and only knew two words in English: hello and goodbye. On Tuesday, she met Ellen DeGeneres, and the reaction is heartwarming.

In a five-minute clip, Ellen is seen asking the audience to stand up as she asks them questions. “Stay standing if you watch my show everyday,” she said. With most of the audience having sat down, Ellen – who jokingly told the crowd they should be ashamed of themselves – continued asking questions: “Stay standing if you’ve written me over 30 letters. Stay standing if you’re originally from the Dominican Republic.” At that moment, Diana – the only person standing – let out a jubilant yell. “Stay standing if you’ve learned English by watching my show,” she continued, inviting Diana, who had already broken into tears – onto the stage.

In their short meet-up, Diana explains how she first stumbled on the show and how the words “Be kind to one another,” something Ellen ends each episode with, caught her attention and inspired her. The whole interaction is adorable, with Diana geeking out and Ellen doing what she normally does, helping her viewers. DeGeneres gave the young woman a silly dictionary and offered her $10,000 to go toward her education. Check out the video below.