Dichos y Bichos

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Tu dices baile, yo digo dance! Across Latin America and across Latinos in America, the diversity of the Spanish language reflects its people(s). Arguments about the correct way to eat a mango, who invented salsa, who makes the best gallo pinto, or whether it’s chevere, guay, or bacano…are el pan de cada dia.

Jitomate or tomate, us Remezcleros are loving the the dynamics and the straight-up hilarious words and phrases that we come across, some of which are truly ridiculous but totally validated by culture and lore.

We’d like to introduce to you to our new dichos and slang dictionary, which will include words like: aguacatón, pimpampún, traqueteo, fuácata, tuanis, lata, recórcholis, rebentón, corazón de melón, maja, jerga, and the list goes on, and on, and on…. Don’t know what some of these mean? Que no cunda el pánico, we’ll shine a light.

This week, animales!

Did you ever fall when you were a kid and your mother would say “sana sana culito de rana, si no sana hoy, sanará mañana”? (Heal, heal, little froggy butt, if not better today, tomorrow). Literally we’re talking about frog butts here. You get the picture.

The relationship between man and beast has long been a stead fast one. As animals have pawed, meowed and galloped into our lives, dichos and slang words have inevitably come along with them. Share yours with us.

One Word, Many Meanings:

Bicho: Dominicans say “mosquito,” Colombians say “zancudos” and in Central America, many just say “bicho,” but to others, “bicho” means boy, weirdo, or in Puerto Rico, an R-rated for which to call “the male member.” Hey, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs even wrote a song about it “Mal bicho” which in this case, means a nasty piece of work.

Si Fuera Animal:

Zorra– slut. Example: “Que zorra! Viste como anda con un chico diferente cada noche?”

Perro– player, or worthless person, or an old man.

Perra– the same, but in the feminine.

Perreo– a provocative dance in which 2 people of opposite sex grind to the irresistible beats of music, usually reggaeton.

Gato– a person with green or light eyes. In Central America and especially Costa Rica, a person with light eyes is often referred to as “gatita” or “gato.” In the Caribbean, “gata” means the same as “hoe” and is often mentioned in reggaeton songs.

Gallo/gallito-tough guy. Ever noticed how roosters are often the icons for anything tough?

Gallina– wimp

Some (Animal) Dichos:

Aqui hay gato encerrado= something fishy is going on

Cuando la rana eche pelos = When a frog grows hair

Al perro más flaco se le cargan las pulgas =The skinniest dog will carry the most fleas

La zorra mudará los dientes no las mientes = The fox’s teeth may fall away but her wiles are here to stay

Matar pulgas a balazos = To kill fleas with bullets

Camarón que duerme se lo lleva la corriente = Shrimp that sleep are swept away by the current