Did Jorge Ramos Just Out-Troll Trump?

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According to recent analysis by Latino Decisions, 2016’s Republican nominee will need to get between 42-47% of the Latino vote in order to win the popular vote in this upcoming election.

There’s no chance in hell Trump was ever going to get that vote, what with his insinuations that the Mexican government deliberately sends criminals and “rapists” to the US, his threats to build the biggest wall at the border ever, and his general racism. But his latest headline-grabbing stunt – kicking Jorge Ramos out of his Iowa press conference – may just have been the death knell for Trump’s campaign. Because when you fuck with Jorge Ramos, Latinos are all:

In the confrontation below, you can see Ramos adamantly attempting to ask Trump a question about his stance on immigration, despite the fact that he hadn’t been called on. Trump immediately goes full troll on Ramos to shut him down, sucking his teeth at the journalist and at one point telling him to “Go back to Univision.” As he’s being escorted out, Ramos can be heard protesting “I have the right to ask a question,” which is true – but one also wonders if this wasn’t also a sly tactical move from Ramos to goad Trump into showing just how ugly he can get (just in case people needed more proof).

If so, Ramos may have just successfully out-trolled the biggest troll of them all. ?