Did Rihanna Bite Houston Rapper Just Brittany’s Song?

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Damn, this is the second time RiRi is in hot water over jacking other people’s styles.

In a now-deleted tweet, Houston rapper Just Brittany’s fan account has called out Rihanna, accusing her of ripping her newest single “Bitch Better Have My Money” from Brittany’s own track, “Better Have My Money,” released nine months ago on SoundCloud.

Upon hearing the accusations, we immediately had a flashback to last year, when Rihanna was riding the Ghe2o G0th1k wave and not giving proper credit to the scene’s originator, Venus X.

While the phrase “Bitch Better Have My Money” is common throughout hip hop, it raises a few eyebrows (pun intended? I don’t even know anymore, everything is related #KNOWLEDGE FLEX BOMB FLEX BOMB) that she uses the phrase for the hook, title, and arguably melodic composition of her latest song, so soon after Brittany’s undeniably similar track.

Rihanna has yet to comment on the allegation.

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