‘Star Wars’ Blessed Us With This Diego Luna Action Figure

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Being immortalized through merch is one of the perks of joining the Star Wars family. This means that one of the best parts of Diego Luna’s role on the upcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is that we can soon have our own Diego Luna doll. He and the rest of his cast mates are the latest to get their own action figures. Before the September 30 release, Entertainment Weekly and USA Today revealed that Legos, Funk Pop vinyl, and Hasbro are recreating the movie through toys. Diego’s action figure is as brooding as real Diego in the upcoming Star Wars flick.

In the movie, Diego’s Captain Cassian Andor has to keep a group of rebels together. “The team starts being just the two of them, Jyan (Felicity Jones) and Cassian, but as the story continues the team grows, and like any team there’s frictions, there’s issues, and it’s Cassian who has to keep them together,” Luna said during Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016. 

On the same day that you can own your own Diego doll, you can compete for a chance to see Rogue One at a San Francisco screening. For the Go Rogue competition, fans must submit a two-minute video inspired by the movie. The winner’s short will air at the screening. (You can enter here.)

As we wait for Captain Andor to make his big screen debut, we at least have this clip – created to build hype about the toys – to tide us over: