Diego Luna Directs Calle 13 Video?

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Well, looky here. That looks like Residente Calle 13. And that looks frighteningly like Diego Luna. And since we know Calle 13 is in Mexico right now filming their new single “Baile de los Pobres,” that can only mean one thing: Diego Luna is a back up dancer in the video. Ok, probably not. But it does seem (according to the Facebook pic and some reports) like Diego Luna is directing Calle 13’s new video!

This single, the follow up to the immensely popular (and immensely nude) “Calma Pueblo,” directed by Alejandro Santiago Ciena, is also off Calle 13’s new album, out in October.

Diego Luna is no slouch either, his debut Abel was critically lauded in the film circuit, a film about a delusional but adorable man-child.