Yes, Diego Luna Would Make Out With Jabba the Hutt

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Diego Luna has already professed his love of Darth Vader on multiple occasions, so we already know that for him, there’s no better being in the galaxy than the Sith Lord. But if you had to guess who his second favorite character is in the vast Star Wars universe, you might think it’s one of the story’s heroes. But nah. Luna’s completely obsessed with another baddie: Jabba the Hutt. And one Twitter user created the supercut to prove it.

While promoting Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Luna talked about his fascination with the possibly slimy alien in several interviews. It seems his obsession is centered around the texture of Jabba’s skin. He really just wants to touch him. But Diego wouldn’t pass up a chance to make out with Jabba either.

Check out the hilarious clip below:

H/T tokienianjedi