Diplo does cumbia

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Philly-based DJ Diplo is known for traveling the country and world and "discovering" (appropriating? highlighting? drawing deserved attention to? …take your pick…) marginalized and often down n dirty musical genres.  Much of the recent popularity of Miami Bass, Baile Funk, Dirty South rap, Baltimore gutter music, as well as the career of British/Sri Lankan artist MIA can be traced back to Diplo.

His latest discovery? CUMBIAAAA. 

After a trip to Argentina earlier this year, he discovered cumbia villera, which is very much alive and kickin’ in BA, and DJed at the popular Wednesday night Zizek party (XLR8R magazine recently featured an article on the partay as well…). He put together quite the nifty podcast last month (which we’re currently getting down to at the office), along with a rambling description of his time in Buenos Aires, which is pretty entertaining. We like the shout out to Mexican DJ pioneer (the Diplo of Mexico, dare we say???) Toy Selectah, who’s been spinning the stuff for years.

With promises of a Mad Decent (Diplo’s label) cumbia compilation/project in the future, we must admit we’re shivering in anticipation.  In the meantime, you can catch some cumbia villera and sonidera at NYC’s Nacotheque and Fresa Salvaje parties, as well as tonight’s NaCo Nights (Toy DJed at NaCo Nights in LA and Vegas).

There’s also word on the interweb that Diplo and his crew of Argentine cumbia freaks will be at South by Southwest this spring in Austin, TX.  We can’t wait!!!!