DIY Halloween: Five Costume Ideas for 2012

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When it comes to Halloween costumes, there are two unforgivable moves:

1. Going as a “sexy ______.” (i.e. Sexy Bunny, Sexy Cat, Sexy Police Officer, Sexy Haunted Rave Franken Bride).

2. Buying one of those lame, overpriced, ready-made costumes from Party City.

DON’T BE THAT GUY. NO ONE LIKES THAT GUY. Instead, take a look at the five awesome DIY Halloween costume ideas we put together, and get ready to blow everyone’s mind with your clever, culturally-relevant ensemble.

1. Walter Mercado

If you love excess, glamour, and a little bit of ridiculousness, our favorite Latino wizard is the perfect choice for you on Halloween night. The best thing about the Walter costume is that it can be unisex, since Walter is, you know, a little androgynous himself. (Look at those luscious lips and that glowing, taut skin). The most important part of a Walter costume is an extravagantly detailed cape and/or coat, preferably one that belonged to an old, fabulous cat lady, a European duchess, or Zorro – whatever works. Next, head over to your abuelas jewelry drawer or thrift shop and grab massive rings with gems and stones, which can also double as a crystal ball for your astrology predictions and fortune telling. Make sure to add a jeweled brooch right in the middle of your collar. Pencil in your eyebrows, blush those cheeks, slather Vaseline all over your face to achieve a waxy look, and you’re done! If you’re really trying to get lucky on Halloween, make sure to wish everyone you encounter “Sobre todo, mucho, mucho amor.” Works every time.

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