DJ Leche

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Name: Leche – dubbed so originally by a Peruvian girlfriend in college and lovingly adopted by my Salsa crew and everyone who knows this little neo-Latino es ‘blanco como nieve’!

Roots: (Africa via) Eastern Europe

Where do you live? LES, baby!

Describe your music in 3 words: creamy, rich & thick

How did you become hooked on latin rhythms? I did a slamming little rare grooves party in the 90’s with Chaiman Mao & Hiro Matsunaga called Butter – we only played original 70’s funk and original afro breakbeats. That’s when I found Willie Colon’s ‘Lo Mato…’ on the street for a buck… the track “Junio ‘73” changed my life forever…

Last record you bought: I finally found that elusive “New Jersey Deep” 12” online

Favorite track of the moment: Quantic’s “Mishaps Happening”

Most overplayed track: Latin Project’s “Lei Lo Lai” – but I’ll STILL rock it!

Best gig of the summer: the AFROTRONIC Finale – white hot jam ALL night long!

Miami vs. NY: the community Latin Funk has created between NYC and Miami transends the differences between the two places – we have effectively made them one; and the energy that flows between the people I know here and those I’ve met there is so natural and so connected it’s as if we have always been one big extended family…

“You would never guess it but I….”: never wear drawers…

What does “cosmopolatino” mean anyway? I’d say a cultured Latin urban attitude – please just don’t tell me it’s some new Cosmo/Mojito concoction!

Check out DJ Leche’s website at !

Editor’s note: we have a special place in our hearts for Geo: he spun at our NYMosaico launch party way back in August ’04 (see photo) and again at our relaunch party as NYRemezcla in Dec. 2006! Here’s a toast for many more parties!