Activists Ate Rice, Beans, and Tortillas to Protest Hillary Clinton at the DNC With Massive Farts

Among all the speakers and protests at this week’s Democratic National Convention, one act of resistance toward Hillary Clinton stood out in a singular way. According to NBC News, Cheri Honkala organized a fart-in on Wednesday inside and outside the Wells Fargo Center in downtown Philadelphia to protest Clinton’s party nomination. And if you’re like me, you probably wondered: But how are they going to fart on command? Well, as the old adage goes: Beans, beans, the musical fruit, the more you eat, the more you toot.

So outside the center, Honkala supplied willing participants with plates of rice, beans, and tortilla, so that they could fart on Hillary’s parade. “I want to welcome everybody to our bean fest,” Honkala – who ran as Jill Stein’s vice presidential pick in 2012 – said. “We’re here today to feed the Bernie delegates.”

As Elite Daily points out in its video about the protest, many people feel Clinton – aided by the Democratic National Committee – cheated her way to the party’s nomination. So they decided to fight, what they believe to be, a farcical election with farts. (Whoopee cushions were also provided.)

As media surrounded Honkala – who says some sus things in ED’s video – some reporters questioned whether many delegates would join in, let alone knew about the protest. But she stood her ground and said that the media widely reported on the event.

Check out the video above, but it may be hard to take it seriously, because people can’t stop talking about farts.