This Dog Is Still Searching For His Family After Guatemala Volcano Explosion

Lead Photo: Photo by JohnCrux / iStock / Getty Images Plus
Photo by JohnCrux / iStock / Getty Images Plus
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It’s often said that a dog is man’s best friend. But one canine in Guatemala is taking loyalty to another level.

After the Fuego volcano explosion in June, multiple dogs in Provial, Guatemala were left alone. This one, which remains unnamed, goes out to the street every day to search for food. On his way, he stops where his house used to be and stays there for some time. Neighbors say the dog is still searching for his former family. It’s unclear whether the family was evacuated or died in the explosion, but the house is completely gone.

Karla Chacón, a neighbor, said that the dog accompanies aid workers every day and stops right where his house used to be. “The way he walks and his tail show the suffering and anguish he feels because he doesn’t know when his family will  return,” Chacón wrote on Facebook, according to Publinews Guatemala.

Posted by Karla Chacon on Monday, August 27, 2018


Chacón also wrote she hopes the video helps the dog get adopted. The post has garnered more than 20,000 views and already has comments from people interested in adopting the doggo. Chacón’s Facebook page also features other dogs up for adoption as a result of the June volcano explosion.

The Fuego volcano also erupted earlier this month, threatening nearby residents again. The June explosion killed more than 300 people and displaced thousands. The eruptions have been described as “the strongest in recent years.”