This Dog Rolled Up His Sleeves to Help With Cleanup In Puerto Rico

Lead Photo: Photo by Sean Robertson / EyeEm
Photo by Sean Robertson / EyeEm
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As news continues to pour in from Puerto Rico – which faces an uphill battle as it looks to recover from Category 4 hurricane that struck the island – we learn more about the island’s state. Social media has become a powerful tool in learning about everything from the lack of electricity to dwindling supplies to people pleading for help.

Social media has also offered a few moments of respite, like the story of the young college student who turned her dorm room into a temporary bird sanctuary. Or the video of a dog helping in cleanup in Guaynabo that’s quickly become viral. In an about 20-second video posted onto Instagram by Ricardo and Nico Hernandez Carro, the Belgian Malinois pup, named Nico, is seen carrying a large branch. Check out the sweet moment below:

And if you’re looking to help Puerto Rico, here’s a good place to start.