Dominican Anchor Homero Figueroa Stands Up to the Fart Police, Shows He Has No Chill

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How did we exist before clips from live TV could be uploaded to YouTube? The reality is that whenever something spontaneous happens on TV, someone will upload the clip for the masses, hoping to make it go viral. For Remolacha, it was a video of a Dominican news show, Antena Noticias 7, where Homero Figueroa is talking and ::fart noise:: His co-hosts begin to laugh, though because of the way the video is edited, it’s hard to understand what’s going on. The video cuts off as Lorenna Pierre asks him if he had eaten a clown, which disappointingly is not a fart joke.

Of course, Remolacha’s video is embarrassing, but Figueroa went on to show that he has no chill. He and Pierre released a video denying that he passed gas on live TV. Figueroa calls Remolacha unprofessional and says that no farting has happened on set. He wanted the online site to take down their video and replace it with his strong denial. Figueroa said a video like this was damaging to the reputation he has worked so hard to build. He dedicated almost three minutes to talking about farts, without once saying the word. Quite impressive. Kind of crazy. Also, responding to the video? Clearly, Figueroa doesn’t know how to Internet.