Dominican Drake Is Back — & the Internet Can’t Get Enough

Lead Photo: Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
Art by Alan Lopez for Remezcla
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Dominican Drake is one of the most entertaining fan ruses born on the internet. The Canadian entertainer has long been a fan of  the Dominican Republic and the culture and has made several references to it through his music videos and fashion choices. Well, Dominican Drake is back after posting photos on Instagram, looking like the quintessential Dominican uncle.

Let’s just go ahead and talk about that hairstyle. First of all, Dominicans have all seen at least one uncle rock the slicked-back hairdo, and we can all smell the hair product through our screens. Not only is Drake rocking the hairstyle, but he has also it so perfectly styled that it looks like he’s about to show up to our next family reunion, and many are here for it.

This latest look has fans preparing for new music, although he just released an album. But who knows nowadays? If he is to release new music soo, we can only hope that this transformation inspires him to tap into some Caribbean rhythms. Maybe another Romeo Santos collaboration? 

But the hair wasn’t the only thing. The music star came through with the entire dominos-playing, linen-wearing viejo outfit, eerily accessorized and styled. From the bracelets to the necklace to the glasses, Drake is truly channeling Brugal Papi.

Drake is in on creating a persona, too. He’s asking his followers to give his new look a name, and some of them are coming through with some Dominican hot takes. People are throwing out ideas like Don Drake, El Drake or El Draquè (a classic), and Tito Drake. 

Long live Dominican Drake. We missed you.