Dominican Man Buries Himself in Protest of Deteriorating Road

While others might employ practical, but easily ignorable methods when pressuring the government to make changes, one Dominican man went with the most drastic means available. In Yamasá, a man nicknamed El Peregrino de Mogote has let himself be buried so that he can put pressure on President Danilo Medina to fix a neglected road. As he hung out in his hole, a crowd chanted, “queremos carretera, si no va ‘ber candela.”

“We are here to get the attention of competent officials, so that someone takes the reins and fixes El Mogote, now that it is in a deteriorating state” he told CDN. “It’s embarrassing that in the 21st Century, this hardworking community is so close to a road that is in such decline.”

The rest of the crowd that gathered didn’t go as far as getting themselves buried, but they agreed that the condition of the road is unacceptable.

[H/T Remolacha]